What’s my story?

Like any creative, I started with the simple curiosity of playing around with design tools like Photoshop. It all began over the summer of my Sophomore year at the University of Houston. After countless hours of self-taught classes, I felt confident enough to start designing event flyers for my fraternity. This was a successful endeavor and with each event, an opportunity to continue honing my skills. A couple of years later, I graduated with a degree in Computer Science and headed into a stale job market, only to land on my friend’s couch. But, I took this opportunity to continue improving my graphic design expertise and digesting everything I could about branding. It was a tough blessing in disguise. I worked with friends, creating logos and designing websites. I then started collaborating with small businesses, learning from their expertise and providing my solutions to enhance their brands. Nine years later, Cosmo Creative continues to grow and support small businesses around the country. I’ve worked with groups such as Tulane University, Texas Southern University, Prospect Park Restaurants, Glazed Donuts, Payne Law Firm and many more.

What’s my method?

I learned that great brand identities don’t necessarily come from a book, but from an awareness of what’s happening in the world around us. It’s about having the right intuition to take your brand’s story to its next chapter. And, it’s this intuition and skill that I tap into daily to deliver the best experiences for customers. However, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the countless people who’ve worked with me and taught me. Collaboration is essential to my method. As a business owner myself, I know the hard work and dedication required in creating something, and this is an ideal I bring to each collaborative session with my customers. I pride myself on delivering quality results, quickly and efficiently.